Fine Wine

Wine bottles
Wine bottles

Fine wine is one of the rare beautiful experiences one can find in a modern world polluted by cheap beverages and amateur knockoffs. There is very little that can accurately explain the incredibly sensation of uncorking a new bottle of wine with your favorite bottle opener and pouring a glass. Relaxing down into your chair after a long day at work and lifting the glass to your lips – smelling the bouquet of the beverage before bringing it forwards and taking that first, long, beautiful sip.

As the wine gently fills your mouth you feel an explosion of flavor as hundreds of years of wine crafting expertise is brilliantly showcased in one mouthful.

European Vineyard
While there’s no need to jump on a flight to Italy or France and tour the European vineyards to find a wine you love, we’re definitely not saying that isn’t not worth doing – especially for beautiful views like in our photos!

The beautiful thing about fine wine is that in the modern world, you have so much choice that you are frankly spoiled for options. No longer is it the case that only the best wines in the world can be found in the old world regions and that new world wines are sinful and cheap beverages. You can find incredible fine wine with a rich history at a, frankly, affordable price range simply by going to your local corner shop and browsing the more expensive areas.

Yes, you’re not going to find a beautiful bottle of fine wine for $5, but this doesn’t mean that you have to take a flight to Europe, tour the vineyards, and break the bank in order to buy a beautiful bottle for yourself (or if they’re lucky, your friends) to enjoy. If you do take a trip though, we’d definitely recommend checking out the best vineyards in France and doing a trip over to Italy while you’re at it!

Whether you’re a red wine drinker, a white wine drinker, have a penchant for rose or even exclusively prefer sparkling wines, you’ll be able to find a dazzling array from local wine merchants or stores and sure to find something to fit your needs. In the modern world, fortunately, the only thing you really need to consider is how much money you’re happy to spend to get a beautiful wine that you’ll love.

There are plenty of online guides for finding great wine (we’d recommend the Fine Wine Master wine blog), and you’ll be able to find something to fit any budget. It’s a great skill to be able to pick out a good wine, and a skill you can easily hone over a period of a lifetime – without breaking the bank or even spending a lot of time reading about wine! Similarly, learning the kinds of wines your friends and family have a preference for is a brilliant investment – you’ll be the hit of the party when you turn up with a perfect bottle of Malbec or a lightly chilled Sauvignon Blanc. Worst case, you won’t rock up with a bottle of red when they much prefer white!

Take your time to find the wines you love, and enjoy fine wines as you would enjoy a fine beer – it doesn’t have to be something saved exclusively for major occasions provided you know what you’re doing and don’t order crates of wine without thinking about the cost and whether or not you’ll even drink them in the first place (although we don’t judge, we’ve all been there…)


Wine bottles
Learning the wine preferences of your friends and family is an easy and free way to add a special touch to any wine gift you bring them – it’s really touching to know that someone hasn’t just picked an expensive wine but one you’re sure to like!

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