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Pilsner and Lager
Pilsner and Lager

Emerson’s Pilsner Dunedin
Pilsner brewed from from New Zealand Pilsner has become its own beer style down under. Borrowing the base beer German and Czech brewers, the Kiwi development comes with their use of hops, which concentrates on New Zealand varieties. Known for their tropical-fruit juiciness, the hops of New Zealand grow in a couple of key areas, most of which have had varieties named after them: Riwaka, Motueka, and Nelson. Ma New Zealand hop varieties are bred from European varieties, so share a depth similar to Noble hops, but then add a big whack of fruitiness on top with gooseberry, grape, mango, and a lychee-likeness to Sauvignon Blanc wine. Emerson’s Pilsner uses waka hops to give subtle tropical fruit, the tartness of passion fruit, and the freshness of citrus zest, all of which go so well any with the clean body of Pilsner malt. It’s a glorious beer, especially with some locally caught and barbecued fish

Reality Czeck
Imagine a list of must-visit towns for beer geeks. It’s a list that ignores the big cities and instead looks at the little places that have had a big impact on the beer world. Not far north Moonligho Brewing Gompany vineyards. People are drawn to the town because of the Russian River Brewing Co., but they stay because of Moonlight. After a day of drinking, I’m tired when I get to The Toad in t great pub in town run by Londoner, Paul Stokeld. I order a Reality Czeck. Golden, the soft body is like a pillow for my tired tongue, but it’s also the equivalent of a power-nap for the palate with its burst of zesty., florat, spicy, American-grown European hops giving a lively burst of flavor. My thirst suddenly returns just as Reality Czeck’s he Hole, a bitterness clings onto my tonsils and calls for me to drink more.

The Crate Brewery Lager
Go to The Crate Brewery and you won’t believe you’re still in London. The big white building with its CRATEjailhouse windows sits by a narrow river. Along its edge is an inner-city outdoor gallery where you ca BREWERY study the bright and bold graffiti while you sip; inside, the space is sparse and industrial with brewing tanks visible through glass windows and a central bar with a pizza kitchen behind (the pizzas are fantastic-light, chewy, and charred at the edges). Crate’s Golden Ale is dry and bitter, British n origin, and yet a hint of America comes through (unless that’s just the Brooklyn vibe in the air), but it’s the lager that’s so brightly, freshly hoppy that I get a Proustian pang for Prague. It’s not really a Pilsner, but not really a Helles or a Vienna either; it’s a new kind of London lager aromatic, vibrant lager but clean, toasty, and tasty

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