Birrificio Italiano
If Pilsner Urquell is the classic, then this is the modern masterpiece. Everything from the handsome haze in the golden pour to the pillow of white foam, the impossibly fresh aroma to the unbeatable balance and depth of flavor, make this a perfect Pils. The hop character lifts it above the others in its style, giving a little herbal and floral kiss before juicy, tropical fruit and orange (showing hidden beauty in the European hops) make it a full-on lip-smacker. If you can find Italiano’s Extra Hop, then get it: it’s lighter, hoppier and lagered for tlonger-it might even be better than Tipopils, though it’s only brewed a couple of times a year. You won’t find a beer that’s better with pizza than this, especially if the beer is on tap and the pizza is fresh from the oven.

Avery Joe’s Premium American Pilsner
If I lived in Colorado, a six-pack of this would be as essential in my fridge as milk, mustard, and hot sauce. The thing about Pilsner is that it’s a beer for drinking without contemplation-simple, thirst-quenching, and always there for those moments when you just need a beer. The joy of Joe’s is in ripping one from the six-pack, crunching open the ring pull, and downing it with satisfied sighs. If you want to think and drink, then you’ll see how the hops are really showing off, hollering: “Look at me!” as they hang on to your tonsils. Lemon pith, spritzy sherbet, floral, dry, and peppery, the Boulder brewer’s bold use of hops delivers a bigger hit than you might be expecting for the style, butit’s balanced by a six-pack-firm body to keep it in place.

Kout na Sumavě 12° Světlý Ležák t na Sumavè
This is the new school of , forward, while remaining true,to the style. Světlý Ležák is the pale pre lager of Czech breweries (Ležák can be 11°or 12°, based on the Plato scate, and 44.5.0%ABV; a 100 výčepní pivo will be the lower-ABV everyday Kout’s 12 is a beautiful beer with a thick foam and a smooth, deep golden body Grassy, some citrus, floral, and hints of creamy dried apricot, the hops burst through to bring a kick of bitterness. As with most great lagers, if you can get the unfiltered version, then you are lucky: fuller bodied, slightly creamy, bready and doughy, fresher tasting with more amazing hop aroma, it shows why Pilsner is the greatest beer style in the world.

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